Message from the Sheriff

Sheriff Ron Lockhart has been a life long resident of Sequoyah County.

He was elected on July 29, 2008 and sworn in on January 2, 2009.

Prior to taking office, he served 21 years at the Fort Smith Police Department, retiring on December 12, 2008, to prepare for his new duties as Sheriff.


During the majority of his career at Fort Smith PD, he was a criminal investigator. He was involved in successful investigations of almost all types of crimes, including homicide, rape, battery, robbery, arson, theft, etc. He also worked as a Patrol Officer and a Field Training Officer.

He served in several elected offices, including: 8 years as a Sallisaw City Commissioner, 4 years as the Fort Smith Municipal Police Association President, 4 years as the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 39 President, and 4 years as the Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police Vice-President.

He has received accomodations from the FBI, ATF, Department of Justice, US Attorney's Office, Arkansas State Police, and the National Football League.

He has assigned Deputy Robert Gude to attend D.A.R.E. Training, beginning on May 28th, 2009. Upon completion of that training, Deputy Gude is scheduled to begin working with at least 5 rural schools in August 2009.

Sheriff Lockhart has begun an effort to improve media and public relations. By informing the citizens of Sequoyah County what their Sheriff's Department is doing, the citizens are more aware of what to expect, and they can help the Sheriff's Department to serve them better when they have that knowledge.

Sheriff Lockhart can be reached at 918-775-1213 or