Concealed Carry Permits

New Applicants

Appling for an Oklahoma Concealed Carry Firearms License:

1. Take a state approved Concealed Carry class.

2. Bring the certificate of completion from that class, along with the completed Concealed Carry License packet, to the Sheriff's Department in the county where you reside.

a. The fee for a five year license is $100

b. The fee for a ten year license is $200

c. You will need a cashier's check, money order, or a credit card, made payable to the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation), to pay the license fee. The OSBI does not accept cash or personal checks.

d. You will also need $35 (cash, cashier's check, personal check, or money order). Residents of Sequoyah County should make this check payable to the Sequoyah County Sheriff. The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department does not accept credit cards.

3. The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department will be able to take your fingerprints and photographs for your license packet. Our staff will also check your package, countersign, and date it for you. We will conduct the local background check, as required by the State of Oklahoma, and mail your application to the OSBI, within forteen (14) days of receiving your application.

a. The OSBI has ninety (90) days to process your request.

b. The OSBI will mail you a letter telling you when they have mailed your license to the Sequoyah County Sheriff.

c. You may then pick up your license during regular business hours.

License applications and fingerprints for concealed carry are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8AM to 330PM. There may be a wait time depending on the time of day you arrive. Because the fingerprinting process happens in the jail facility, we sometimes have to wait to enter the jail until it is clear.


In order to renew your concealed carry license, you must first obtain a concealed carry packet. You will not need to attend the firearms training school nor will you need to be re-fingerprinted, as long as your license has not expired, or has been expired for less than three (3) years. You will need two (2) photographs, which you can obtain at the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department. The cost will be $10. The OSBI charges $85 for a 5 year renewal or $170 for a 10 year renewal. 

If your license expired over 3 years ago, you will need to resubmit your fingerprints, in addition to the new photographs, and completed renewal package. You will not need to re-take the firearms course. The cost will be $100 for a 5 year license or $200 for a 10 year license. Payment should be made payable to the OSBI. You will also need $35 payable to the Sequoyah County Sheriff. The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office accepts cash, money order, cashiers check, or personal check. We do not accept credit cards.

Questions & Answers

Q: How long before I receive my license?

A: We have 14 days to complete our local background investigation before submitting your package to the OSBI. Normally, we will have your packet in the mail to the OSBI within 3 days. When the OSBI receives your packet, they have 90 days to complete your packet and either issue your concealed carry card or deny your request. Therefore, it could take up to 104 days, from the time you bring your packet to the Sheriff's Office.

Q: "What if I don't get my license or a letter from the OSBI after 104 days?"

A: You can contact our office during regular business hour's, and we will assist you in contacting the OSBI to trace your request. This very rarely happens, but if it does, we are here to help you.

Q: Who teaches the required Firearms Training Classes in Sequoyah County?

A: Contact Glen "Bud" Smithson at 918-775-0367

Q: Are there other certified instructors?

A: Click HERE for a list of certified instructors in Oklahoma.

Q: Where can I find additonal information and application forms?

A. Click HERE for the OSBI Concealed Carry Web Site.

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